Michelle Silvester - Founder

My name is Michelle Silvester and I have lived in Salisbury since 2005. I worked in Banking and Insurance for 20 years and in 2008 decided I needed to make a change in my life. I love all animals and decided that there would be nothing more satisfying and rewarding than to work with animals and start a pet care business in Salisbury.

Whilst I have loads of experience looking after and caring for my own pets, this does not mean I know what I am doing so I wanted to ensure that you knew your pets were in safe hands with me. I studied and qualified in:

The company name represents the names of my two cats Leo and Bo. Bo was diabetic and sadly passed away in 2006 at the age of 16. Leo sadly passed away in December 2011 at the age of 21. I thought it was therefore very fitting to name my business after my babies.

I also own two budgies, Sammy & Edith who are named after my Nana and her budgie. Sadly my Nana’s Budgie who I welcomed into my family in 2007 when my Nana passed away, died in April 2013. Then there is Black Jack the Lionhead rabbit who controls the back garden throughout the day and Summer my Guinea pig.

Finally I have 4 gorgeous cats, Princess and Junior who I rescued from the RSPCA at 3 months old; they were shot by a pellet gun at just 10 weeks, their other sister sadly losing her life as a result. All are growing and developing well. Princess had to have her tail amputated following a dog taking a liking to it! Mimi is a stray cat that we have cared for since 2011 and now firmly classes himself as part of the family and finally my latest addition is Skye, who came to live with me at 4 months old and has settled in quickly with the family

I would still like to own a dog but sadly my life is still too busy for it to be fair to introduce one now but watch this space!!

I have a fantastic team that work hard to care for my clients’ pets. All are police checked, to ensure there are no convictions, as part of the recruitment process and have a qualification in first aid for dogs and cats and animal management or equivalent. They also have a proven track record of caring and loving animals.